Monday, July 31, 2017

Summer: June & July

It doesn't get any better than summertime in Virginia Beach! Here are a few of the things we've been up to, like revisiting ol' King Neptune down at the Oceanfront/Boardwalk.

The Norfolk Greek Festival! 

Greeted by peacocks at the Norfolk Zoo.

Love seeing the Norfolk Mermaids again.

Reconnecting with old church friends. 

The Norfolk Botanical Gardens with old VA buddies from 3 years ago. Too bad these guys just moved back to San Diego in July! :( 

Dressing up for the movies. 

Indoor, 3D, blacklight mini-golf!

Finally lost her first top tooth!

Family bike ride and picnic at Mount Trashmore. 

More bike excursion on the beautiful trails through the forests and swamps at First Landing State Park. 

Catching Atlantic waves on the Oceanfront.

And water-lounging.

Hanging with cows at the Little Creek library for the Summer Reading program kickoff.

Grand opening for the lovely new Norfolk Outlet mall.

Watch your mouth at the Oceanfront.

Celebrating America's birthday by watching the Quantico Marine Band perform at the Oceanfront on July 4th.

Fostering a kitty who needed a lovely home! Z loves Binga so much, even though she's not the nicest kitty. We're hoping to win her over!

Watching summer thunderstorms with the girls.

Someone eyeing the dinner prep.

The historic Fort Story lighthouses.

In addition to teaching trombone lessons, A gets to perform at ceremonies with the School of Music faculty brass quintet. 

L got her first Virginia-area gig playing for the grand opening of a memory care & assisted living facility. 

Thanks to our military housing community, we enjoyed a free day at Ocean Breeze Water Park, what a blast!

Playing at the Seal Park on base. We ride our bikes here from home! 

Spending time with our dear friend from Australia who just moved here in July with her Marine husband (A's friend from Pendleton). 

And summer's not even over yet! More to come...

Saturday, July 8, 2017

The New Digs

 Our new life in Virginia Beach is off to a good start. This guy is all settled into his new job at the Naval School of Music, and so far, it's a great job!

 On the homefront, we decided to live in the military housing here, located right outside the Little Creek base gate. While the location is super-convenient, the housing is definitely a downgrade from our last places, but we're making the best of our cozy home. 
While the single-car garage only opens manually (you know, the old-school way with no remote, just a handle), my big car actually fits! 

Wishing Daddy well as he heads off to his first day on the job here.

 Through the front door or garage door entrance, you first walk through this little room that awkwardly fits the piano and harp.

We used our bar stools at the kitchen counter on the left for a make-shift bar. You know, so our guests can be entertained in the "parlor."

 Round the corner to the Coca-Cola kitchen...

Found a new rug for the living room!

Built-in shelves on the opposite wall of the living room, although haven't quite figured out what to put on those shelves yet...

And we finally retired our 30+ year old dining table and bought this set at the Navy Exchange our first day here. Includes a leaf and two more chairs for guests.

 View of our backyard through the nice glass doors by the dining table.

 Other half of the yard from the living room window.

Even though there's a busy road onto base behind those trees, we love the lush greenery!

Back by the front door is the hallway and staircase to the 2nd floor.

Now entering Z territory! (How do you like our Pinterest craft there?)

Z is so excited about her new bunk bed which includes a futon bed for family and friends who visit! *hint hint*

 The unfinished guest room with the extra dining chairs for now. We wanted to get a sectional couch/convertible bed, but it won't fit through the narrow staircase. So looks like our guests with have to use the air mattress for now, sorry!

 The cozy master bedroom.

Can't beat this view out the bedroom window!

We've already made great use out of our firepit, roasting brats and s'mores. Just don't forget the bug spray!

The Grill Master.
And we love the birds here including cardinals, blue jays, woodpeckers, chickadees, and more.

And the squirrels are quite nutty, always trying to get into our bird feeder. 

Another great perk of military housing is this amazing pool! Sorry, no guests allowed.

However, our base beach (south part of the Chesapeake Bay) is just 5 minutes from our house and it's fabulous! (Z and a random buddy of the day).

 Sometimes you get to see sailors and Navy Seals practicing!

So come join us! These mermaids would love to host you!