Thursday, January 30, 2014

East Coast Winter

The history on this side of the country is great! We drove less than an hour north to Colonial Williamsburg one rainy day and walked around the near-empty Revolutionary City. 

Z with one of the locals in costume. They even speak in character.

A likes the tavern signs.

The church were many historic figures attended, including George Washington and Patrick Henry.

Another local.

The capitol building (before the capitol moved to Richmond).

You can't see the rain, but we started getting pretty wet by the end of our walk!

And there's never a dull moment with the weather out here. We've had some lovely, almost beach-weather days too. Z loved the playground down by the oceanfront.

We've also experienced some rather chilly weather as well. Z loves hanging out in her pajamas, especially when her nightgown matches with her favorite kitty.

And although our girl usually isn't big into crafts, she did find an art project that she really caught her attention: painting dinosaurs!

Then, we got an extra special surprise for Virginia Beach: two snowstorms! This area doesn't usually get much snow, especially the kind that sticks around, so what a treat to get almost 10 inches of snow one night! We were all so excited to play in the snow. The lovely view of our backyard.

 Thanks, Aunt M, for Z's adorable Hello Kitty hat!

With Daddy before he left for work.

By our Witchduck Lake.

Z's baby snowman.

View from Z's room in the front of the house (that's the lake between those houses).

 Piled up outside our front door.

Snow bunny!

And look out for those dangerous icicles!

A lovely sunset at our frozen lake!

Keeping warm by the fire!

 We love our East Coast winter!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ending 2013 as Virginians!

With a few weeks before A needed to check-in to the Navy School of Music at the Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek, we spent quality time getting to know our new city! Here's the famous King Neptune statue down by the Virginia Beach boardwalk. Hello Atlantic Ocean!

Since we arrived a few days before Christmas, we enjoyed a rainy drive through a mile of Christmas lights on the oceanfront boardwalk. So pretty!

We picked a random church and attended a lovely Christmas Eve service.
The churches out here are so cute made of brick with white columns and steeples.

When a friend of a friend heard that we would be spending Christmas Day in an empty house (since our moving truck wouldn't be arriving until the 26th), this generous family whom we've never met invited us over for Christmas dinner! 

We ate a delicious meal, sang Christmas carols and "Happy Birthday" to Jesus, and topped off the night with the Austrian tradition of lighting real candles on the Christmas tree. It'll be a Christmas we'll never forget. Thank you to the Wagner's for your generous hospitality!

After "camping" in our empty house for 4 days, we couldn't wait to get our household goods!

The day after Christmas, our moving truck finally arrived! All of our stuff made it smoothly across the country. It was like getting to open dozens of belated Christmas gifts! We worked like crazy for a few days until we were completely settled in.

The backyard!

And Witchduck Lake across the street from the house!

We also have a guestroom (still to be decorated!), so please come visit! We also have plenty of room for guests in our new car! After diligently researching and saving our money, we got a great deal on a 2014 Chevy Traverse! It fits the harp much better, as well as any extra visitors that come into town. :)

Z loves the rain here. Never a dull moment with our weather!

We enjoyed a mellow New Year's Day watching the Rose Parade and doing puzzles by the fireplace.

Happy New Year!

We thank God for all His blessings upon our family this past year!