Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Festive December

Our first Christmas season in this house, Z couldn't get enough of the lights and Christmas tree!

We snuggled up and went to Dana Point Harbor to check out their new light display.

The harbor's IlluminOcean!

Some poor Marine was "voluntold" to dress up as Santa at A's work party.

A wonderful surprise: the band gave out gifts to the kids and Z was given a bike! (Thanks to the city of Mission Viejo for adopting the Marine band!)

Special trip to Disneyland with warm California winter weather!

Feeding a turkey leg to Mr. Toad.

Took Z to our alma mater, San Diego State University. Here's the view from our second home, a.k.a. the music building. 
Wonder if she is a future Aztec?

L had one particularly busy weekend with five Christmas performances!

Complimentary family photo at church. Must be Sunday morning, we look sleepy.

A came across his old Playmobil set and Lincoln logs, and Z can't get enough of it.

Continuing the Meadows family tradition of baking Christmas cookies with Gigi.

Family Christmas fun with the Richardsons too.



Opening presents at Papou and Yiayia's.

Good ol' Candy Land.

Taking carrots to feed the horses down the street.

What a magical time of year for this little princess! Most importantly, Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Batgirl's 5th

Today, our spunky Z turned 5 years old! We celebrated with a Batgirl party!

All four of her grandparents were there!

The Justice League (Girls) party decor featuring Batgirl, Wonder Woman, and Supergirl.

We had a special guest drop by: Batman! (OK, it was really Papa in disguise but he looked great).

In addition to fighting crime, Batman is also a photographer (see mirror). :)

Opening a handmade gift from Aunt M, a princessy Wonder Woman nightgown!
In her new "Belle" dress with a Belle doll.

Happy Birthday to our big 5-year-old!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Fall Fun: November

This month, we had visitors all the way from Maryland: Thea N and baby J! We celebrated J's 1st birthday with a big family party in Pasadena!

The next day, we had a little birthday dinner for A in Oceanside Harbor.

 Greek cousin playtime.

With Papou and YiaYia.

Amazing November beach days.

Z's best friends from church: triplet siblings!

With her Master Club group on Thursday nights. She memorized six Bible verses this fall!

Looking pretty in pink for church.

Thanksgiving in San Clemente!

The cook!
Proud of the traditional "pine cone" appetizer.

2nd cousin story time.

And also this month, we enjoyed the military tribute at Knott's Berry Farm, Z's first time! She kept wanting to get pictures with Snoopy.

After waiting in lines for rides all day, she still wanted to wait in a line to the Santa Claus there. Santa asked, "What do you want for Christmas?" Z:"A candy cane!" She's easy to please. :)