Monday, September 25, 2017

Back to School

After an extended, 4-month-long summer (thanks to our cross-country move), Z started 2nd grade at her first school in Virginia!

Eating lunch in the cafeteria. 

A on the job with the staff/faculty brass quintet.

And in the platoon formation at a ceremony.

Cammie Cat loves a warm uniform.

And this is her usual pose every evening.

At least the lazy catsy is a good reading buddy.

In September, we also had our Maryland family visit us again! We took Thea N and cousin J to the awesome Children's Museum in Portsmouth.

The kids had a blast exploring everything in the museum. 

Bubble room!

The cousin's favorite part was playing in grocery store and working the cash register.

Z also loved playing vet to the sick kitties.

Born to be wild.

Thanks for visiting us, cousin J, and we look forward to seeing you again next month!

Our family also enjoyed a day-trip to Colonial Williamsburg! As A was setting up for a special band concert in the area, the girls got to check out the Revolutionary City. So fun seeing the colonists in costumes and going about life like 1776.

Thankfully, none of the local colonists booed L for wearing her Union Jack flag purse. 

Watching the clock.

Looks like autumn has started up here!

Ready to see Daddy perform with the Joint Armed Services band concert with the USAF Heritage of American Band!

Even George Washington was there for this Constitution Day Concert!

Not only was it a treat to see A perform with some of the best military musicians on the East Coast, we enjoyed the Colonial Williamsburg Fife & Drum Band.

Awesome drone photo of this fun concert in Merchant's Square!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Labor Day Excursion

Over Labor Day weekend, we spent the last few days of summer in the Shenandoah Valley! Due to inclement weather, it ended up being a quick trip, but we loved our visit to the Grand Caverns in Grottoes, VA, about 3 1/2 hours away.

The caverns were amazing, but the photos don't do the beauty and magnitude justice!

It's about 54-degrees in the cave year-round. This weekend was surprisingly chilly, also 54 degrees outside!

This stalagmite was called the Ghost of George Washington. 


 Although hard to see in this picture, this is Civil War-era graffiti, signatures of Union and Confederate soldiers. 

The pathway leaving the cave entrance.

Cute visitor center and giftshop.

We drove on the (normally) scenic Blue Ridge Parkway and had plans to hike, but the mountains were covered in dense, cold fog! We'll definitely need to come back on a better day!

On our drive home, we stopped in Richmond, the Capital of Virginia.

The Equestrian George Washington Statue in Capitol Square. 

Virginia's Capitol building. 

The Capitol was designed by Thomas Jefferson 1785. The Rotunda was lovely.
 Driving home on the bridge-tunnel with cool clouds and the Norfolk Naval base across the bay.

Also that weekend, we discovered the bike evenings at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens. We decided to make a weekly tradition of it (until it ends mid-October). So fun! 

Eagle-egg nester.

How gorgeous is this place?! We love coming here.

Last day of summer is a beach must, of course!

And capping off a fun-filled weekend with another backyard bonfire.
Goodbye, wonderful Virginia summer!