Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Times, They Are A-Changin'

After a little hiatus (partly due to our usual author becoming busy with another blogging hobby called The 60's Beat), The Panos Progess is finally back with some updated pictures of the last few months. With the exception of a cute 1-year-old getting bigger and A going on a couple of recruiting tours across the country, not many other adventures have occurred around here, so here are some random photos and a few noteworthy milestones:

After her first birthday, Z was big enough to ride in a forward-facing car-seat, and boy, was she surprised at the new vantage point!

Then standing independently was a new, big step (with her favorite Kitty, of course)...

Followed by walking!!

We also participated in another St. Patrick's Day 5K Run at MCRD with Z's Thea.

Laughing at goats in the petting zoo.

And of course, Zoe loves puppy-kisses; playing with Rosie and L's cousin David at a family gathering in Fallbrook.

Playing around with Daddy (or "Daudy" according to Z).

Our 15-month-old is definitely not a baby anymore, but she's still pretty sweet and little.