Thursday, April 16, 2015

Spring Pt. 1

Springtime began with a special event on Camp Pendleton, a performance by The Commandant's Own Drum & Bugle and Silent Drill Team from Washington DC! 
Z here with her 2nd cousin Ethan from Arizona!

Learning gardening and potting plants with YiaYia in El Cajon.

A at a gig with Wally gator (mascot for YAT-YAS unit).

Z's Aunt M and cousin A visited from Illinois! 
Matching cousins sitting in L and M's childhood rocking-chair!

Kitty jammies.

Aunt J and cousins K and B stop by too!

 Good sport B attacked by his girl cousins.

1st birthday party for Greek 2nd cousin George in Pasadena!

 Z is always happy to volunteer as gift-unwrapper.
 Playing with little Yianni, another Greek 2nd cousin.

Z acting out her own puppet shows at the library.

Spring break pool time with old friend, the Lacy's.

The tallest rabbit ever at an Easter event on base.

Our own 2nd annual Resurrection Egg hunt in our yard.

Our 1st Greek Easter with family in Pasadena! 

Complete with an actual lamb roasting on the spit!

Our generous host, George, grilling the amazing souvlaki (kabobs).


More bubbles with cousins Richard and Connor.

Little Georgie.

Check out this spread of homemade Greek food!

Chow time!

Greek dancing, of course!
A and his Yiayia Anna.

Cousins Babes and Elaine (the hostess!).

So fun getting to celebrate our Risen Savior twice!