Wednesday, June 19, 2013


For the second year in a row, L and Z took a special trip to Illinois to visit dear family and friends. We love this beautiful city!

OK, before we get ahead of ourselves, the trip began when Z found herself all packed up.

This year, our little traveler did very well on the plane ride, thanks to a full bag with stickers and other goodies. 

Once we landed in Illinois, we spend the first few days of our trip with our friends The Shippees, stationed at Great Lakes Naval Base. Here's L college buddy, Jenny, and little Joey.

 They took us on fun outings including a local barn with free kids' museum. Z and her buddy Caroline loved checking out the sights. 

Milking the fake cow (actual water squirted out into the pail).

 Pretend egg-collecting.

Drive that horse and cart, Zuzu!

Having fun in the splash-pad at Little Bear Park near their house in Glenview.

 Sweet Caroline says Wake up, Sleeping Beauty! There are more fun things to see!

We also drove into downtown Chicago for a fun day trip, and started off at the super-fun aquarium!

 The beautiful Buckingham Fountain right by the lake front.

Enjoying the water at the "Face Fountain" in Millennium Park.

 Even ran into a friend who works in the city (mom of a Marine who worked with A).

Lunch with the Shippees on the famous Michigan Avenue.

Little girl's first time in a big city!

Thanks again, Jenny and Carlton, for your hospitality and showing us a great time!

For the rest of the trip, we stayed with the Gees in Glen Ellyn, and made our first stop at yummy Portillo's for lunch with Z's cousins! 

Hanging out in the lovely backyard of Aunt M and Uncle B. Z's Papa and Gigi also drove all the way to Illinois in their motorhome!

N isn't the biggest fan of getting splashed.

We also made a special outing to local Arboretum. What a fun place for the kids to explore!

Hanging with P on large acorns.

Climbing on neat tree bridges.

Little N and M (pregnant with baby #3!).

Gee Family photo!

One evening, the adults enjoyed a special dinner out in cute downtown Naperville.

The big kids savoring popsicles on the porch swing.

 Grandkid dog-pile.

Gnocchi, the best kitty ever!

A rare sight: we never drink coffee or Starbucks!

The cousins watching the ducks at the little Cosley Zoo.

Apparently dragging your cousin on a blanket across the wood floor is a blast (even the kitty wanted in on it!).

And before we knew it, we were back on the airplane again, heading home after a wonderful week!

 Thanks again to the Gees for hosting us and making our trip so memorable!