Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"The Fantasticks"

This summer, L is excited to be a part of another excellent musical theater production with Lamb's Players Theater in Coronado, this show being "The Fantasticks!" L will be kept quite busy as the show runs from June 5th - July 26th, with 7 performances a week. While this show has been around for decades, Lamb's Players has done an excellent job with modernizing the look and even updating the music with a more edgy feel. The cast is excellent, and L is having a blast being a part of the band. As there are only 4 musicians for this show (piano, harp, guitar/bass, percussion), the band is quite visible, playing from the backside of the stage.

Below, L actually made it in the background of a promo photo for the show!

Here's more info from the LPT website:
One of the Most Beautiful Musicals Ever Written
THE FANTASTICKS started out a crowd-pleaser and ended up the longest-running musical of all time, with an astonishing 42-year New York run. A girl and boy who live in neighboring houses fall in love despite their parents' feud, until they find that the feud was a trick to bring about their romance. Summer is the perfect season for this sweetly beautiful, broadly theatrical fable about falling in love, growing up, losing childlike innocence, and coming home again wiser. With a gorgeous score filled with beloved songs like "Soon It's Gonna Rain," "I Can See It," and the international chart-topper "Try to Remember," THE FANTASTICKS is a delicious musical confection, a treat for the whole family.

“Lamb's Players Theatre and director Deborah Gilmour Smyth deserve endless credit for turning this fluffball into something more like a fine souffle. It all comes together with imagination and loopy passion!"
-James Hebert, Union-Tribune

“Delightful! Fluid and lively direction with a more edgy, contemporary sound. It’s easy to see why this musical lasted so long!”
-Jennifer Chung Klam,

For more information, check out:

P.S. L can get discounted tickets for anyone interested. :)