Monday, August 27, 2007

A Little Bit of Summer

As our first blog post ever, we thought we would post some pictures that seem to sum up our eventful Summer of 2007 (also known as A's first summer as a Marine). The first picture at the top was taken in May on Coronado Island (with the lovely downtown San Diego backdrop) at the wedding of Jessica and Lem, our trombone friends from San Diego State, seen on the right.

Additionally, we found a local indoor shooting range where A (the Rifle Expert) taught L to shoot rifles and hand-guns the Marine Corps way. In the pictures below, the firearms being used are the AR-15 (the equivalent of a Marine's M-16) and the 9mm Beretta.

L got a new 'do and donated another 8 inches of hair to Locks of Love for a 3rd time (organizational the makes wigs for children with cancer).

As A's first summer with Marine Band San Diego, he marched in the 4th of July Parade in Coronado, along many other performances. Notice him in the first row (also known as the front rank). Our good friend Jon Lacy is the sailor playing the French horn with the Navy Band.

Throughout the summer, L also continued to perform on harp all over San Diego, including weddings, private parties, recitals at senior homes, church orchestras, and recording sessions.

Another fun part of this summer was meeting many new friends through the Marine Corps. L hiked up Cowles Mountain in San Diego with friends Maureen (a Marine in A's band) and Yvonne (another Marine wife).

And finally, the world welcomes new cousin B! L's half-sister J gave birth to our new nephew on August 1st. Congrats to the Richardson family!