Thursday, July 21, 2016

Summer! Part 2

July was a blast as family from Illinois visited California for 3 weeks! First off, we celebrated Monica's birthday in San Clemente!

 Happy birthday, beautiful sister! (Someone's sneaking up on your dessert!)

Happy cousins!

Fun rides in the rental golf-cart!

Never seen kids so scared of sparklers before...

The boys enjoy tent-camping in Papa and Gigi's garage. 

 Meanwhile, the sisters enjoyed a special day at Universal Studios Hollywood, so fun!

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, very cool, but the ride was so scary!

Red Carpet selfie.

Met up with cousin Paul and his family for dinner in Universal City Walk. 

Evening back in the park. The fun Hogsmead area.

Enjoying butterbeer (think a creamy, butterscotch slushie, sooo good)!
 Love the owls!

And Hogwarts at night, what a cool place!

 And back to the cousins having fun.

These two big kids were especially the best of friends.

 Mama and her sweet baby girl.

Lunch at Ruby's on the Oceanside pier!

 Lots of pool days, including one with the kids' Great Aunt Nancy in Corona.

Fun with 2nd cousins Ethan and Brady from Arizona. 

With cousin Shannon.

Serious game of Monopoly.

 Such a great time, but we miss them so much already! Come back soon!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Summer! Part 1

Our fun-filled summer started off with our annual Greek Festival tradition in San Diego!

Greek dancing with Yiayia. Opa!

Little Greek girl.

Celebratory water-sliding after completing Level 2 swim lessons.

Family wedding in Valley Center.

Z and her Gigi.

Congrats to 2nd cousin Jessica and Tim!

   A beautiful setting at the Honey Bee Ranch.

Loved the sound of the peacock calls on the grounds.

Sunset on the way home.

Also this month, L and her parents attended another family wedding, this time in Northern California. Enjoyed a quick weekend roadtrip to Auburn/Foresthill, CA.

Congrats, cousin Leeann and Jed!

Shrimp with cousin Kristin.

Cousins (but missing a few).

Gigi and her sisters.

Twistin' the night away.

Girlie cousins, just missing Monica!

What a fun event!

Next up, Independence Day Parade in downtown Oceanside!

Z and her buddies at the parade.

 Alex and Marine band buddy playing for the patriotic service at church.


July 4th Marine Band concert at Escondido Performing Arts Center.

Patriotic superheroes. 

Happy Birthday, America!