Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Marine Corps Fun

While A is gone on yet another recruiting tour with the Marine Band (this time, Arizona), his lonely wife thought she'd post some fun photos of A on the job. First off are some photos from the annual rifle qualification week at Camp Pendleton.

A and friend Corporal Silva on the range. Apparently, fellow Marines thought A could pass as a soldier of the Iraqi Army.

They shoot from all angels including the prone position, kneeling, and standing. Did I mention they have to hit targets 500 yards away?!

A received the Rifle Expert Award for the 3rd year in a row, along with Sgt. Holt and Sgt. McAfee, who celebrated with a victory cigar.

The next several photos are from Combat Conditioning exercises that A's unit participate in regularly. Since A is one of the Martial Arts Instructors for the band, he helps lead the exercises and demonstrates the techniques.

Here's A giving a little extra motivation to a fellow Marine.

Someone is way too excited to be demonstrating this ground-fighting technique.

OK, so this photo is a little gross, but here's A showing some compassion for a Marine who got quite sick from the intense workout.

The four MAIs (Martial Arts Instructors) looking tough.

And last but not least, here's A receiving the Navy/Marine Corps Achievement Medal, a very special honor and recognition for his hard work in the band.
Congrats, Sgt. Panos, and Semper Fi!