Wednesday, December 26, 2007

"The Best Christmas Ever"

The Christmas season of 2007 started off on a great note with many performances. With the Marine Band's Brass Quintet, A was featured in two concerts playing "The Blue Bells of Scotland," one of the most difficult trombone solos in the world!
Here's a video of A's performance (not the best footage, but every note is loud and clear):
MCRD christmas band concert

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Then, the weekend before Christmas, we celebrated Christmas Eve-Eve with the Meadows Family in Orange County, including the Gees from Chicago. Below are some random pictures from our dinner at the lovely Five Crowns restaurant, though I'm not sure if the photo of us in the old telephone booth can be explained:

And on the day of Christmas Eve, half-sister J joined us with her daughter K, and new baby B.
The remainder of Christmas Eve and Day were spent back in San Diego with the Panos Family, and we stayed up until midnight laughing and opening up presents.

For A, it was a real great treat getting 4 days off from work, and we especially enjoyed our time with both of our families this year. As a result, we have decided that this was definitely the best Christmas ever!