Thursday, March 27, 2014

Virginia, Visitors, and Vinter... I mean, Winter

Life goes on out here in Virginia and we're enjoying all of it. We even got one more surprise snowstorm!

In February, A was promoted to the rank of Staff Sergeant! We are all so proud of him.

We also had our first visitors! Thea N, Theo A, and baby J drove down from Maryland for a weekend and we all had a blast!

Our Valentine's Day dessert. What a great way to celebrate the special day - with family!

Happy mama!

Z and her Greek cousin!

J was such a good baby.

Thanks for coming to stay with us! Can't wait to see you all again.

We've also continued getting to know the area. Stork statue (or something) in our Town Center.

Finding all the "Mermaids on Parade" in downtown Norfolk.

The Sailor "Homecoming" statue. It's a family of three hugging after deployment.

Walking along Waterside Park, downtown Norfolk.

Another Norfolk mermaid. I think they turn on the fountains in the spring.

After eating dinner with another military family, A and a classmate gave us a little trombone concert. Z is clearly in the splash zone.

 On the occasion warm days, we always try to get out of the house. Family bike ride around Witchduck Lake area near our home. 

A also re-enlisted for four more years in the Marine Corps. Swearing-in at the ceremony.

And on those chilly days, we're always finding things to keep us busy including lots of mall playgrounds.

 And lots of dress-up at home.

Thanks to our exciting weather, A finally gets to use his trench coat when he wears his dress uniform. 

In March, we had another visitor: Gigi from California! Z and Gigi in the "O" at the Norfolk airport. 

Visiting First Landing State Park (a future camp spot!) on a blustery day.

Checking out the ducks on the dock at the Little Creek base where A works.

Gigi had just visited the Gee family before flying here and brought with her a "Sully" costume that cousin P passed down to Z. She's never seen the Monsters movies, but is in love with the characters!

Hugging her newly inherited Sully stuffed animal.

Yep, dressed up at the mall. Thanks again, cousin P!

With Gigi down by the Virginia Beach oceanfront. The boardwalk was bit crowded because of the Shamrock Half Marathon and races, so here's King Neptune's backside from the beach.

Gigi also helped us pick out Z's ballet attire. Of course, her theatrical side comes out as well!

Looking forward to her ballet class starting in April!

Puzzle time.

Gigi's handiwork photographing the plump dove nestled on our house's "artichoke"decor.

Home from church.

Thanks, Gigi, for the nice family photo.

 It was so great having the Mawmaw here! We miss you already!