Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Big 7-0

Last month, A's dad turned the grand age of 70! We celebrated by doing what Greeks do best: having a big party with lots of delicious Greek food! Here are some photos from the day's festivities.


                                 Exploring the beautiful yard with A's cousin Elaine.

                                            Playing with the Birthday Boy Papou.

                                                      Happy 70th Birthday!

Friday, June 1, 2012

The Big Trip

So L and Z took a big trip to Illinois to visit family, friends, and attend a family wedding. The reason this trip was so big: it was Z's first time flying in an airplane! Here she is, helping by packing up our suitcase with the essentials.

First stop, the Gee's cute house in Glen Ellyn, IL. Z had a great time playing with her cousin P and finally getting to meet 4-month old N. Papa and Gigi were also there, staying in their motorhome.

By the way, N is most content baby I've ever seen. Happy boy!

Eating fantastic burgers on a perfect evening.

The scenery around here is beautiful.

Hanging out in the boys' room.

Z also really loved baby N. She's inspecting his baby fingers.

Quality time with our MawMaw.

B inherited Grandpa Meadows' old movie projector. We watched Meadows family movies dating back to 1955, so cool!

Lunch outing with the kiddos.

Next stop, we drove with the Gees to Genesee Depot, Wisconsin, to attend the wedding of my cousin Will (it was Z's first wedding too!). Here's Will is with his beautiful bride Marissa, who Z referred to as "the princess."

It was great getting to see our extended family.

All four of us girl cousins at the beautiful reception.

And of course lots of dancing took place!

Z and her favorite Uncle B. 

After a fantastic weekend, our next stop was spent with our Navy friends The Shippees in Glenview, IL. Here's Jenny and Carlton with their daughter Caroline at the Memorial Day parade.

Z hanging out with Joey (aka "Baby JoJo").
Happy Memorial Day!

Hanging out at 'The Glen,' the closed Naval airstation that has been converted to a cool area with restaurants, shops, and a great park. 

This happy girl had a blast seeing and experiencing so many exciting things on this trip!

Thanks again to the Gees and the Shippees for your wonderful hospitality!