Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Busy Month of May!

Continuing with the trend of keeping busy while A is in Afghanistan, L and Z had a blast this month! First of all, Papou and Yiayia parents treated us to a fun trip to Disneyland!

 What a special day at the happiest place on earth with Z's grandparents. 

In the monkey cage on the Casey Jr. Train!

Z's pretty helpful with the map.

She's in love with Pinocchio!

First time driving a car! It was serious business.

Isn't this the happiest Minnie Mouse you've ever seen?!

Thanks, Papou and YiaYia, for a wonderful day we'll never forget!

Also this month, we attended a Renaissance faire and military kids fair on base. What neat, free events! This girl is quite the pony-riding pro. 

Quality time with Mr. Duck.

Sitting like an angel on the double-decker shuttle bus (that's the base lake out the window).

Enjoying a bonfire with our church group!

 Lots of mother/daughter quality time.

With her neighbor, L got the opportunity to see The Rolling Stones in concert. Just some groovy chicks.

 At the Honda Center in Anaheim.

And we can't forget Mother's Day! We spent the day with L's parents and grandparents in Palm Desert. Four generations from 91 years old to 3!

Z really enjoyed her great grandparent's pool, also a childhood favorite for L. 
Riding the "Papa Turtle."

Of course, this animal-lover had to corral the plastic, lawn deer around the water.

Happy Mother's Day!