Monday, April 28, 2014

Hello Spring!

This long winter is finally on its way out and we're so excited to witness our first spring on the East Coast!

Visiting Daddy at the Little Creek Naval base during his lunch break.

"Stroller-blading" along the boardwalk.

Real Big Fish (or is it 'reel?'!

Z loved seeing Star Wars characters at Galacticon, a free event at the library. Looks like she's already a Star Wars nerd like her parents. :)

Hanging out with Monstro the whale. 

Trying out Mommy's boots.

We put up a bird feeder and all the locals birds are visiting including cardinals, finches, doves, and even ducks!

 Our resident ducks: Reese and Peace (Z named them). They're here almost every day for a snack.

We got to take Z to the Greatest Show on the Earth!

Waiting outside the Norfolk Scope Arena for the circus to begin.

Circus pre-show.
 It was an amazing production!

Z in her ballet class. The parents aren't allowed to watch in the classroom, but I was one of "those" parents who sneaked a quick picture through the crack in the door.

Backyard picnics. 

And our first s'more roast of the season.

Our first beach day on the Chesapeake Bay!

The sun never felt so good.

The cool indoor pool and playground at our local rec center.

Bunny at the rec center entrance.

 Playing around at the dollar store.

Our Easter bunny.

Our attempt at a family photo in the yard but it was windy and quite chilly!

The generous family that hosted us for Christmas dinner also invited us for Easter at their home. We are grateful for the Wagner's generosity and their ministry to the military.

The kids helped make "Resurrection Rolls," a tasty treat with a melted marshmallow inside that represented the empty tomb on Easter morning.  

Unfortunately, the kids had a little too much fun rough-housing and Z got her arm yanked a bit too hard. We made a quick trip to the ER to realign her partially dislocated elbow ("nursemaids elbow"). The before and after pictures say it all.

 Z's little egg hunt in our yard was postponed till another day. This year, we included "Resurrection Eggs" which were a great for teaching about Jesus and the first Easter.

And then Z helped Daddy with the yard work.

Beautiful day at Mt. Trashmore (an old landfill converted into a lovely park and lake)!

And we finished off the month of April attending the Virginia International Tattoo, an amazing exhibition of military bands, pipe and drum bands, Scottish dancers, and drill teams from all over the world! It was a fantastic performance that included a wonderful tribute to the Vietnam veterans.

We had really good seats too!

What an incredible night!