Saturday, June 4, 2011

Camp Pendleton

So in recent news, A re-enlisted for another four years in the Marine Corps and we were transferred just 45 miles north of San Diego to Camp Pendleton.
While we loved our time in San Diego (L has lived there since 2001 and A was born and raised in East County), we're enjoying Camp Pendleton and getting to know the Oceanside, Vista, and Carlsbad areas nearby. We currently live in military housing on base. Here are some pictures of our new digs (wait, do people still say that anymore?):

A two-car garage, yippee!

The living room (don't laugh at our 20-year-old TV; we'll upgrade eventually!).

A certain kiddo looking down from her upstairs perch.

The view from upstairs. Nice vaulted ceiling with lots of natural light.

Two angles of the kitchen and dining area (somebody keeps sneaking into the pictures!).

The desk at the top of the stairs and the "catwalk" leading to Z's room.

Z's spacious bedroom (couldn't fit the whole thing in one photo).

Our bedroom down the hall (the opposite walls both have windows).

A laundry room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And A's office space on the opposite wall in the laundry room.

The view of the fence-less backyard from our patio (a nice, big playground is just to the right).

Z loves the swings!

 Stay tuned for more Pendleton adventures.