Thursday, April 25, 2013


We've made it one month into this deployment, and while we're all missing A very much, we're doing our best at keeping busy. At the end of March, we celebrated a lovely Easter with both sets of Z's grandparents there. (Too bad we forgot to take a group photo!)

Z really enjoyed the egg hunt this year.

Happy girl! 

We also got to attend an Easter event on base including another egg hunt with Z's good buddies, Austin and Corina. 

With 10,000 eggs on the grass, it was more of a free-for-all than a hunt.

Here are some other fun things we've been doing to pass the time. (Riding dragons, obviously).

 Bathtub painting with Gigi.

L and her Daddy in Oceanside Harbor.

Enjoying beach days with friends (the kids were particularly fascinated with the ladybug infestation that day).

Quality time with goats at the Zoo Safari Park.

And most recently, we attended a birthday party for A's 86-year-old YiaYia in Pasadena. It was lovely, toasty day (only 92 degrees) and a bunch of the extended Greek family was there. Here is YiaYia Anna with some grandkids, great nephew, and great granddaughter (Z!).

A's cousins Rachel and Nicholas with YiaYia.

Z getting cuddly with 2nd cousin Nathan.

Chowing down on the delicious food.

Z and her YiaYia.

And thanks to amazing technology, videos calls with A in Afghanistan are always a highlight!