Sunday, February 16, 2014

Californian Visit & a Greek Wedding!

This month, L and Z got the opportunity to fly to California for a wedding and spent time with family along the way. First stop off the airplane - In-N-Out Burger, of course!

We enjoyed the first part of the week with Papa and Gigi in San Clemente. Each morning started off with Z joining Gigi on the floor for exercises and stretches. 

Us girls made a little outing to Newport Beach and visited the Balboa Fun Zone. Z enjoyed her first ferry ride (car included) across the harbor to the peninsula.

Only ones on the Ferris wheel!


Since we were in the area, we also dropped by the lovely Fashion Island mall.

We loved the koi fish!

And of course, our time in San Clemente wouldn't be complete without a walk on the pier. I see you, Papa!

Next, Papou, YiaYia, and Thea C picked us up and we drove to Pasadena to attend wedding festivities for cousin Elaine! Even more exciting, Z got to be the flower girl at this big, fat Greek wedding! Here she is, walking down the aisle with the ring bearer at the rehearsal.

 With Papou and YiaYia at the lovely (and very late!) rehearsal dinner.

 Poor tired girl crashed on a bench seat at the restaurant. I had to document this rare sight!

After resting up, Z was the perfect flower at the official wedding the next day! Here are all the girls getting ready in the bridal room.

Z and the bride Elaine.

With Thea C, Big Yiayia, and Yiayia

We all wanted a picture with our adorable girl!

An obligatory "selfie." Alright, Z, it's Go time!

Ready to proceed down the aisle with the ringbearer. 

The beautiful and reverent ceremony at a lovely church in downtown Pasadena.

Sitting with cousin Connor. Z loves looking through hymnals for some reason.

Picture time!

Hanging out in a exclusive room with the bridal party before being introduced at the reception. Z loves George, the groom.

Two Greek girls in the mirror.

Such a fantastic venue, the Metropol in Glendale.

Bridal party introductions and the couples' first (Greek) dance.

Enjoying the multi-course fest.

Z loved finding the bride.

She even stole the groom's seat!

Z took right to the dance floor, all by herself!

Grab a hand, Z; time for Greek dancing!

Taking a break.

Watching the men do their their special dance.

We could barely get this happy girl off the dance floor!

Saying goodbye to the bride. 

What an event!