Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cousin Time Again!

For a whole week, Aunt M and P came out to California, and L had a blast spending time with her sister while Z loved playing with her cousin. Aren't the cousins cute?
Beach time!

Pony tree-swing.

Z giving P her girly expertise on how to care for babies; afterall, he's going to be a big brother soon.

One fun highlight of the week was when the sisters attended The Monkees' 45th Anniversary Concert at the Greek Theater in L.A. (read more at L's music blog). As it occurred on the same day as the unexpected non-event of "Carmageddon," we also had a blast killing time in downtown Burbank.

And of course many thanks to Gigi and Papa for watching the kiddos while we were out.

Hanging out with L and M's older half-sister Jamie and her kids K and B. Yay for more cousins!

We'll miss you guys but can't wait to all get together again!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Typical Summer Days

Have we mentioned how much Z loves the beach?
The Del Mar Beach at Camp Pendleton is fantastic! We've been frequenting the 'waveless' part of the beach lately.

A video of our happy fish.

Z and her corn on the cob.

Oceanside Harbor

The happiest bubble-chaser ever.

Attempting Marine pull-ups at the playground.

The view at the top of the slide is the best.

She just loves furry animals.

Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July Cutie Pie

Our American Cutie enjoyed her Independence Day (18 months old).

And a morning outing at the beach.

Pony-rides with Daddy.

"Goldilocks said this chair was 'just right!'"

Playing with "Gigi."

And lots of laughs with "Papa."

This spunky girl was fast asleep by the time the fireworks appeared in the sky. Praise God for our freedom in America!