Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Two-Year-Old, in the House!

Happy Birthday to a sweet, little 2-year-old! On December 18th, we celebrated Z's second year of life with a little party that included her parents (of course) and both sets of grandparents! The theme turned out to be "Hello Kitty" since Z just adores that little cat image. What a cutie in pink boots!

With her Daddy, petting her new lambie blanket (and wearing Hello Kitty slippers).
The whole group had a great time (Z is wondering what that "blinking light" is on the camera).

Happy girl!
Goodnight to a precious, sleeping angel.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Counting Our Blessings

This fall, we've been so thankful for A's job with the Marines, a lovely home, and family nearby. Here are some photos of the fun things from this past month.
Thanksgiving at the Meadows' (Daddy-O and the yummy turkey!).

A hanging out with Paul, L's cousin.
Paige (Paul's wife) and L playing with 2nd cousins Bryce and Z (who, despite their expressions, actually did have a fun time!).

A cutie pie with her favorite "sock-monkey"-like mermaid, who Z named "Herman" (yes, Herman is a girl!).
Also in November, we celebrated A's 31st birthday with a free trip to Disneyland (A had earned complimentary, park-hopper tickets after performing with the Marine band at Disneyland earlier this year). Z sat this trip, so it was a really nice date out!
It was also the first day that the Christmas decorations were up at the park, what a treat!

This year, Z got to participate in the annual family tradition of baking Christmas cookies!

We also enjoyed a fun Christmas tea party with Gigi.
And Z just adores this fuzzy horse who lives at Gigi's house.
Yay for an already fun Christmas season, and there's still so much more to come (like a certain little girl's upcoming 2nd birthday!).