Sunday, May 3, 2009

Marines On The Road

In the month of April, the Marines kept A pretty busy, as usual. First off, A was selected for a prestigious All-Star Marine Corps Jazz Band that was created for the first time ever this year. From all the 12 Marine Fleet Bands in the world, the top musicians were hand-picked for this one-week showcase. This week included long rehearsals and recording sessions in Parris Island, South Carolina, and a long bus-ride through Georgia to Florida where the Big Band performed in Daytona Beach. A promotional CD will be released from this showcase.

And later in April, A went on another recruiting tour with the Marine Band, this time to Arizona (specifically Tuscon and Phoenix). While A spent most of the time performing at high schools with the Brass Quintet, the full band did play the National Anthem at a Diamondback's baseball game (as pictured on the jumbo screen).

The guys in the Brass Quintet spent lots of time driving all over the state...

... and wearing these hats.

One free afternoon, A did get the opportunity to try horseback-riding for the first time (A on the right). His horse thought that putting him into the bushes was quite funny.

The Three Amigos.