Monday, June 30, 2014

Roll Out Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer!

The theme for our Virginian summer has been 'fun' and 'water!'

June started off with another great visit with the Steele's! 

Sailor N and her shipmate J.

Anchors away, my boy!

Yummy food by the oceanfront.

Baby J's first time at the beach!

Pool time!

Swimming with her Thea.

Greek cousins!

Family photo with a phoney sleeper.

Next up, a trip to the beautiful Busch Gardens in Williamsburg!

Z's first roller coaster (front row)!. 

In Greece.


 Red Baron ride in Germany.

Dragon eggs.

 Sky buckets!

Peace out, London!

Our little bug.

Thanks, Busch Gardens, for your support of the military, and free admission!

Z's also had a lot of fun with her buddies Ethan and Owen. Love their backyard (that's a lake through the trees!). 

Sprinklers are the best!

 Lined up, ready for swim lessons at the rec center.

The rec center's sprayground is also a fun treat!

The pool has become an almost daily occurrence. 

Exploring the forest at the park.

I can't get over the beautiful foliage out here! 

The Virginia Zoo in Norfolk.

Our otter daughter.

Rhino ride.

The only way to survive the humid upper 90s.

Oh hey, there.

 Tiger mermaid.

Father's Day dinner. The steaks were terrible but the company was good.

Cooling off in the kid area at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens.

She really wanted a picture next to the zebra.

 The Rose Garden.

 Visited the two Cape Henry Lighthouses at Ft. Story. This is the newer one.

And the older lighthouse across the street (1781). 

Enjoyed lunch at the Abbey Road Pub at the oceanfront. 

Walking along Atlantic Ave.

No swearing, folks!

Is it weird that we were really excited to stop and wait for the draw bridge?!

Family time at the beach! What a fun summer so far, and this was only June!