Saturday, March 23, 2013

Goodbye, Daddy

Yesterday, A left for Afghanistan and will be gone for no longer than 7 months. We're very proud of our Marine and we will miss him a lot!

God bless you, Daddy! Thank you for being our hero!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Growing Up

In January, one little 3-year-old upgraded to a big girl bed! You can see how excited she is.

Still keeping the zebra theme she's had in her room since she was a baby.

Reading books with Daddy.

 Z also had another rite of passage as a 3-year-old: receiving stitches at the Naval hospital. She busted her forehead on a carpeted step, receiving 4 stitches above her eyebrow. 

The suturing was a little rough on everyone but a popsicle makes it all better.

While L was packing up her harp to play at a wedding, a cute growth suddenly popped out.

In February, A and L attended a Marriage Conference with other couples from our church.

 Our "where's Waldo?" photo. So thankful for a great group of people.

And thanks to more free tickets from A's work, we got to make another special family trip to Disneyland. Someone clearly had a great time.

We also had a decent rainy season for Southern California. Z was well-prepared in the car.

And then there were beautiful, summer-like days. Trips to the beach are always a must. 

Yep, raising her right and listening to original vinyl. Z loves the 1954 Broadway/Mary Martin recording of "Peter Pan" (one of the few things she'll sit still for!).

And March included wearing green for St. Patrick's Day...

...and playing with young chicks with second cousins in Fallbrook.

And she's out.