Saturday, September 15, 2012

All About Summer

Since posting about all our summer fun has been lacking, here's one long entry with lots photos from the past few months.
The summer started off with A and L going to see '60s groups The Turtles and The Grass Roots in concert (white boots are now a requirement at these sort of things). Music review here.

Then there were some fun events on Camp Pendleton where Z got up close with some animals.

"Why am I putting my face through this thing?"

Z was super-excited to see the live Elmo Show presented by the USO in the base theater.

L is becoming a regular at these retro concerts and went to The Beach Boys 50th Anniversary Concert with her good friend Janay. Another concert review here.

Janay's son Connor is also one of Z's best friends. We're so sad that they moved to Colorado this summer. These guys always have fun!

Fun in the pool with Daddy


And thanks to fantastic weather, we enjoyed lots of beach days with family and friends.

Sandcastles with Z's cousin K.

 Kayaking with Papa

Outings with the neighborhood gang.

Oh yeah, the good life.

And of course, the Marine band kept A busy with lots of performances...

...while L still occasionally does this at weddings.

And apparently, Z's trying to pick up the trumpet.

Feeding horses with Yia Yia is serious business.

Visits with Z's Great Grandparents.

What a great summer!

A few other noteworthy events: A and L celebrated their 8th wedding anniversary, L got LASIK eye surgery (no more glasses!),  and Z accomplished potty training, yay!