Monday, April 9, 2018

The Best Weekend

During Spring Break, the girls picked up Daddy in Quantico and set out on a wonderful weekend together! When you're only 30 minutes from Washington DC, why not pop into our Nation's Capital for the day?! 

Backtracking to the beginning of the day, we started off our DC excursion by paying our respects at Arlington National Cemetery. So humbled by the multitude who paid the ultimate price for our freedom.

The Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, always on duty 24/7. 

Uncle Sam wants you at the Visitor Center.

 Later, after walking through the Smithsonian Natural History Museum, we checked out the Blossom Kite Festival along the National Mall.

Z gathered streamers and ribbons on the grass, tied them together, and flew it like a kite. We enjoyed relaxing on the grass in the warm afternoon sun for three hours! 

It's not everyday you get to do this with the Capitol building in sight.

Some lovely sights as we walked through downtown DC for a delicious dinner at "b DC Penn Quarter."

Waiting for a Lyft ride with a chilly sailor and his heavy seabag.

Heading back to the monuments at dusk to get a closer look.

The lovely WWII Memorial.

DC becomes magical in the evening.

Perfect photo-op with our favorite guy and the Washington Monument.

 Walking along the Reflecting Pool toward the gorgeous Lincoln Memorial.

When we turned back around, we witnesssed the incredible glowing orange ball of the Blue Moon rise over the National Mall.

The poor little camera phone just couldn't do it justice. It looks like the sun!

Not my photo, but here's a professional shot from the evening to better showcase the unforgettable event from a higher vantage point.

Goodnight, Mr. Lincoln.

The following morning was Easter Sunday, and we celebrated our Risen Savior at the base chapel back at the Quantico Marine base. They even had an egg hunt for the kiddos. Loved the wild daffodils too. Happy Resurrection Day!

After spending a relaxing day in the Quantico area with A, we said our sad goodbyes as we dropped him off at TBS, then back north to Maryland to visit Z's cousin.

Cousin outing on the DC Metro heading to the Smithsonian National Zoo!

Entertaining animals. 

Yee-haw, ride 'em panda!

Amazing magnolia blossoms.

And another happy girl under another beautiful tree.

Her favorite animals are always in the gift shop.

Cool, deep tunnels back to the Metro Station.

Too bad we didn't get any photos with Z's Thea and Theo, but it was a great visit, short but sweet!
On the drive back to Virginia, we finally made a pitstop at the Welcome Center. 
We LOVE Virginia!

"Mommy, let me take a picture of you!" :)

So grateful for a wonderful and safe trip to kick off Spring Break! Just missing Daddy.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Passing the Time

Some photos of us girls just passing the time while our favorite Marine is away.

L started lightsaber training with LudoSport Lightsaber Academy. It's a legit, intense sport that combines martial arts, fencing, and well, lightsabers. So fun and a great workout!

Catsy shenanigans.

Enjoying/playing music from the "Greatest Showman," and feeding the local strays (although, Binga is not a fan).

She prefers stuffed cat friends.

 Dressing incognito at the school bus stop, because it's cold.

Lovely backyard skies.

Swim lessons at the rec center. Good job, Z!

Other friendly backyard visitors.

Despite the extra-long winter, there have been a few lovely days and some signs of spring.

A beautiful day at Mt. Trashmore.

On one of our drives up north, we stopped by the historic Jamestown Settlement. 
Z enjoyed exploring the Powhatan Indian Village. 

The three 1607 ships were so cool!

 The English fort (Fort James).

Some locals preparing organic food.

 Getting to work.

Hanging out with Lord Foxbane, the big roster.

We loved visiting Jamestown!