Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Rainy 2017

This year has been off to an extremely rainy start, but us Californians are so thankful!

We love seeing Camp Pendleton (and everywhere else) so green!

L enjoyed a Ladies' Painting Night with fellow Marine band wives.

The finished product. Everyone did a great job!

After over 2 years of occupational therapy and physical therapy, we're excited to see Z riding her bike! So thankful for wonderful therapists and her determination.

A blurry picture of A at the graduation ceremony from his 16-week Career Course Seminar for Staff Sergeants. 

Happy Z enjoying Disney On Ice in San Diego. Thanks, Yiayia, for the tickets!

Charcoal art ("Pikachu with lightning tail") while Daddy BBQs in the backyard.

We said our final farewell and celebrated the life of A's dear grandma. 
We love you and miss you, YiaYia Anna. 

A had the honor of being a pallbearer at the funeral in Pasadena. 

A bittersweet time with loved ones.

Some of YiaYia Anna's grandchildren

L's parents joined us as well. 

Thea N flew out from Maryland. So nice spending some extra time with her!

In February, we also celebrated (Z's) Yiayia's birthday at the Greek Corner Cafe.

Happy birthday, Yiayia!