Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year!

New Year's Eve started off on an exciting note after a lovely dusting of snow in our local mountains! This was right here in Camp Pendleton! (I know, "big deal" to you folks across the country, but really, this is a rare site here).

As A headed off to Pasadena with the Marines in preparation for the Rose Parade, the girls headed up that same way as well and enjoyed a fun dinner with YiaYia and Thea. We LOVE eating at Woodranch in Pasadena.

And whenever we're up in the area this time of year, we have to drive by the festive Balian house in Altadena (this photo is only a small portion of the property; they've been decorating this mansion since 1955!).

Ringing in the New Year at "Big" Yiayia Anna's, along with her cousin Niki.

Happy 2015!

It was 30 degrees on New Year's morning, but that didn't stop us from staking out a spot on Colorado Blvd, ready to watch the Rose Parade!

Our favorite Marine lining up at the beginning of the parade route.

Ready for A to march by!

Can't miss our guy with bright yellow trombone bell.

And apparently, A got some airtime on TV too!

 So fun getting to see these cool floats up close!

Z loved her first time at the parade and especially getting to see her daddy.
As soon as the Marines had finished the parade, we snagged A and headed back to his Yiayia's house to get cleaned up.

Heading to the annual New Year's Day/post-parade party with the Greeks.

A and his cousin Thomas.

Thea and Thomas' son, baby George.

 Cousins and 2nd cousins.
 What a great day! 2015 is off to a super-fun start!