Thursday, April 28, 2016

Catching Up: Winter Into Spring

Besides our California road trip and Illinois trip, here's a day in the life so far this year. 
First, a pretty winter sunset view from Z's room.

 In January, Yiayia treated Z and L to Disney's Frozen on Ice at the San Diego Sport Arena!
Great seats!
 Thanks, Yiayia, for a special outing!

Z and her new beta fish named Hearts.

In February, we attended A's concert with the 1st Marine Division Band at the Escondido Performing Arts Center. He was a featured soloist and even conducted one of his arrangements!

 Proud family members in attendence.

In March, A received his Staff Marine Musician of the Year Award while attending the Leadership Symposium at the Naval School of Music in good ol' Virginia Beach.
 Giving a speech during the ceremony.
 He was awarded with the Navy/Marine Corps Commendation Medal and a sword! 
Very proud of our guy!

Z visiting buddy Caroline in Point Loma.

Photo op with this guy on base.

Celebrating our Risen Savior on Easter!
 Traditional Resurrection Egg Hunt in the backyard.

Easter Part 2 with Gigi and Papa.

 This same week, A went on another tour with the Marine brass quintet, performing at universities in Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas.

Performing a trombone feature with the quintet.

 Speaking to the crowd.

Having fun during Z's spring break, her first time playing mini-golf.
 Fun little course and recreation area on base.

Feeding ducks at Lake O'Neill on base.

Visiting Daddy at work.

More tea?

 While A and his buddy Gregg were attending a performance of the Montreal Symphony in San Diego, a French-Canadian reporter interviewed them and took their photo, too funny!

Opening day at our brand-new In-N-Out Burger in Oceanside!

Our local ABC News aired a special news feature on A, so exciting!

Spring heatwave = fun with neighbors and sprinklers!

On eBay, L found a meaningful replacement of a lost treasure she had growing up, an "I Dream of Jeannie" bottle identical to one her Great Aunt Shorty gave her while in Hawaii. 

Our cute kindergartner's spring photo from school. 

More spring posts to come.....