Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Busy Month of May!

This month has been very exciting; we've had several family members visit us from across the country! On May 1st, L's sister M and her baby girl flew to Virginia from Illinois! Here are the girls enjoying the perfect weather on Virginia Beach oceanfront boardwalk.

Hanging out at Neptune Park.

Sister selfie with the King of the Sea.
 Silly walks.
 It was both M's and A's first time at the Atlantic Ocean. A was squealing at the little waves, so cute!

 We also thought the warmer weather felt pretty wonderful.

 Picnic and snuggles with Aunt M at Mt. Trashmore.

Enjoying the greenery and the happiest baby in town.

Cousin hang-out time!

Such an easy-going sweetie pie!

Yummy seafood lunch.

A little broom-ball in the yard.

Thanks for coming to visit us, M and A! We had so much fun!

Before our next guests came, Z completed her final ballet class.

We also celebrated Mother's Day with dinner at Macaroni Grill.

Papou and Yiayia visited us from El Cajon, CA! We took them to the big Greek Festival in Norfolk; what a blast!

Z loved the cantor inside the Greek Orthodox cathedral, funny girl. 

A sporting a funny Greek hat.

Girls in the back of the car.

 Cuddle time with YiaYia.

Backyard bonfire.

 Another visit to King Neptune.

Walking along the boardwalk.

Random classic cars show.

Ran into Elvis on the street.

Picnic lunch at the Little Creek Naval base (A's work).
 Love the scenery on this base!

Thanks again for staying with us, Papou and YiaYia! What a great weekend!

And our final visitors for the month were Papa and Gigi from San Clemente, CA. They drove all the way here in their RV!

L and her daddy by the lake. 

Over Memorial Day weekend, we joined them in camping at First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach. Our tent was under the trees to the left.

"Green acres is the place to be..."

Hanging out - that's what camping is all about!

 And eating yummy food!

S'more roasting!

The campground was wonderful, right by the beach!

Flying kites! A macaw and falcon.

We couldn't get enough of this gorgeous beach! Even the water has warmed up.


Rides by Papa.

Mermaid-keepers of the sandcastle.

Yep, it was pretty relaxing.

 We did take a little break from the beach to attend church.

And enjoyed dinner on the boardwalk.

A's first banana split.

Thanks for an amazing weekend we'll never forget!


The camping trip aftermath...